After his pals Shane Warne and Jamal Edwards died, Ed Sheeran said that he "didn't want to live any more."

After his pals Shane Warne and Jamal Edwards died, Ed Sheeran said that he “didn’t want to live any more.”

According to Ed Sheeran, after the passing in 2022 of his pals, SBTV founder Jamal Edwards and Australian cricketer Shane Warne, he “didn’t want to live any more.”
I’ve had it my whole life, he remarked in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine before to the publication of his sixth album, “- (Subtract). You’re drowning beneath the water. You are only kind of a part of this. You are unable to escape it.

The 32-year-old Sheeran expressed concern that the ideas were “selfish,” particularly in light of the fact that he is the father of two little daughters. “I’m so ashamed of it,” you said.
His wife Cherry Seaborn encouraged him to start seeing a therapist as a consequence. In his own country, “no one really talks about their feelings,” he remarked. “People believe it is strange to see a therapist in England. Being able to vent to someone without feeling bad about it, in my opinion, is incredibly therapeutic. It’s obvious that I’ve had an extremely fortunate existence. As a result, my pals would constantly say to me, “Oh, it’s not that bad.”
The aid isn’t a button you click and then you’re instantly OK, he explained. It just has to be controlled since it will always be there.
Sheeran referred to Edwards as his closest friend and said that the evening before he heard of Edwards’ passing, he was out to dinner with Taylor Swift and her boyfriend, the actor Joe Alwyn, messaging Edwards about a forthcoming video shoot. Edwards’ death brought on a period of sadness, a low that Sheeran said he had suffered throughout his life, first in elementary school when he was harassed for being different and not being athletic.
After consuming cocaine and alcohol, Edwards, who was 31 years old, passed away from a heart attack. Additionally, Sheeran’s death inspired him to end a drug addiction he had developed in his mid-20s. He referred to the drug without identifying it, saying, “I remember simply being at a festival and being like, ‘Well, if all of my friends use it, it can’t be that horrible. “Then there was some dabbling. Then it simply becomes a habit that you engage in once a week, then once a day, then twice a day, and eventually, like, without alcohol. It just developed a horrible atmosphere.
“I would never, ever, ever touch anything again, because that’s how Jamal died,” he said. “And to even, like, go near that is just disrespectful to his memory.”
Prior to the birth of his first daughter in 2021, Sheeran said he also stopped consuming alcoholic beverages. Do you really want someone else to transport me to the hospital if my waters break? Cherry said two months before Lyra was born, he recalled. “Since I was just drinking a lot. It finally clicked at that point. I said, “No, really, I don’t.” I also don’t want to ever be angry when holding my child. Never, never. It’s one thing to have a few drinks. But owning a bottle of vodka is something else entirely. I’m only starting to realize that I’m in my 30s. Get older! You’ve partied and had this encounter. Just be satisfied with it and go on.
He was able to resolve his binge eating issues because to his lifestyle modifications. “I’m self-conscious already, but when you get into this business, everyone starts comparing you to other pop stars,” he said. ‘Well, why don’t I have a six pack,’ I wondered as I rode the One Direction wave. And I said, “Oh, because you enjoy kebabs and beer.” You then collaborate on tracks with Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber. All of these individuals have amazing physiques. And I’ve often wondered, “Well, why am I so… fat?
Sheeran said that he often found himself “doing what Elton [John] talks about in his book – gorging, and then it would come up again,” maybe referring to what Elton John has called bulimia.
Because so many others do the same thing and conceal it as well, he added, it was necessary for men to be upfront about these things even if doing so made him uncomfortable.
I have a serious eating problem, he said today. I really binge eat. A binge-everything, I am. I now tend to binge workout and binge parent, however. And work, of course.
Sheeran said in the Subtract announcement that the birth of their second kid, Jupiter, and the discovery that Seaborn had a tumor that could not be operated on until after delivery also had an impact on the song. In June 2022, the morning Sheeran performed at Wembley Stadium, Seaborn gave birth to the child to term and had a successful operation.
Subtract was originally going to be an acoustic album of songs written over a ten-year period, but Sheeran scrapped that idea and instead included songs only written in February 2022, following Edwards’ passing, Seaborn’s diagnosis, and a court case in which Sheeran was questioned about whether or not he had plagiarized Shape of You from an unidentified songwriter and ultimately won.
He co-produced the song alongside National member Aaron Dessner, who also worked on Taylor Swift’s enthralling albums Folklore and Evermore. Sheeran made mention of a second album he co-wrote with Dessner that would be released at a later time. He admitted to Rolling Stone that he was aware that working with Dessner may get him the type of critical acclaim that the commercial titan hasn’t often had in his career thus far.
They despise all of my greatest recordings, he continued. “Someone who has never ever enjoyed my music? and regards me as the joke’s last line? Why did he just say, “Oh, you’re not as shit as I thought you were?” That means nothing at all.
Dessner told the publication that he found it “boring” to think about whether Sheeran or his music was uncool. He claims that he is a fantastic writer. I’ve personally seen it.
According to Sheeran, the first track on Subtract, Eyes Closed, rewrites a previously composed generic breakup ballad to relate to his own suffering. “No one is ever ready,” the line goes, “I pictured this month a little bit different.”
He also disclosed the existence of additional unheard songs, including one he recorded last year with reggaeton superstar J Balvin. Additionally, he will work with Pharrell, Justin Bieber, Shakira, Devlin, David Guetta, Benny Blanco, and Devlin on upcoming projects. The duo previously collaborated on I Don’t Care from Sheeran’s 2019 album No 6 Collaborations Project, while Sheeran composed Justin Bieber’s 2015 smash Love Yourself.
The album Subtract is the final in Sheeran’s run of albums with arithmetic names: +, x,, =, and -. According to him, his next album series would be called after different types of symbols. Posthumously, a last album will be released. He remarked, “I want to slowly finish a record that is quote-unquote ‘perfect’ for the rest of my life, adding songs here and there. “And just have it in my will that it comes out after I die.”
Release day for Subtract is May 5. The four-part Disney+ documentary series Ed Sheeran: The Sum of It All, which debuted on May 3, will accompany it. The only documentary Sheeran has ever produced was one that was centered on his songs. “I’ve always been very guarded in my personal and private life,” Sheeran stated in a statement. It seemed like the ideal moment to throw open the door and invite people in when Disney contacted me about producing a four-part documentary. I hope everyone enjoys it.

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