After Elon Musk's poll, Twitter removes Trump ban

After Elon Musk’s poll, Twitter removes Trump ban

The site’s owner acknowledges that automated bots voted in an online poll.

Elon Musk reactivated Donald Trump’s Twitter account after users voted to reverse the ban.

After the January 6 Capitol incident, Trump’s account was banned for breaking Twitter limits and “further inciting violence.”

The account was online on Sunday, but Obama hadn’t posted to his 70 million followers. In his farewell tweet, he said he wouldn’t attend Joe Biden’s inauguration as 46th president.

Saturday, Trump didn’t seem eager to return to Twitter. The former president remarked via video at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s annual leadership conference.

He indicated he’d continue with Truth Social, which his firm established.

Last week, Trump declared his 2024 presidential bid and lauded Musk. Trump stated Twitter’s bots and false accounts were “amazing”

Musk, Twitter’s new owner, made the action following a poll on his own account in which 51.8% favoured restoration.

Shortly after taking over Twitter last month, the Tesla CEO stated no reinstatement decisions would be made until a newly announced “content moderation committee” convened, and no bans would be reversed unless there was a “clear mechanism for doing so.”

Musk recognised that artificial bots were affecting the vote figures and advised cleaning up Twitter polls from “bot and troll armies”.

Twitter suspended Trump following the January 6 incident, claiming his statements “very likely to promote and inspire individuals to mimic the illegal actions” After the violence, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube banned Trump.

The NAACP, a renowned US civil rights group, advised advertisers to stop sponsoring Twitter following Trump’s inauguration.

Andrew Tate’s account was also restored. Tate was banned in 2017 for violating Twitter’s rules by claiming women should “carry some blame” for being raped.

NAACP President Derrick Johnson urged advertisers to stop financing Twitter. If Elon Musk continues to operate Twitter like way, using rubbish polls, God help us all.

Musk said last month that Twitter, which depends on adverts for 90% of its business, saw a “huge reduction in revenue” when sponsors stopped reserving space on the network over content rules concerns.

Advertisers were particularly worried by Twitter Blue’s disastrous debut after impersonators paid $7.99 (£7) a month to be verified. Omnicom, a marketing firm with McDonald’s, Apple, and Pepsi customers, ordered corporations to suspend Twitter spending over brand safety concerns.

Yoel Roth, Twitter’s previous director of trust and safety, left following Musk’s acquisition because he knew Musk would manage content restrictions. Twitter’s unilateral rules don’t need a trust and safety function, Roth stated.

Musk, a “free-speech absolutist,” originally suggested reinstating Trump in May after buying Twitter for $44bn. He said Twitter was “left-biased” and stated he would overturn the suspension.

Musk restored Kathy Griffin, who was banned for altering her profile name to “Elon Musk” without noting it was a spoof account. He also restored Canadian psychologist and author Jordan Peterson, who was punished for tweeting about transgender actor Elliot Page.

Musk stated Friday that “negative/hate” tweets would be “deboosted” and no ads would show near them.

Also on Friday, Twitter briefly shuttered its offices after an unidentified number of employees departed following Musk’s ultimatum. The New York Times reports that 1,200 of Twitter’s 3,750 remaining employees departed the company last week.

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