After being accused of "choking his pregnant girlfriend," Playboi Carti was detained.

After being accused of “choking his pregnant girlfriend,” Playboi Carti was detained.

In an argument over a paternity test, Playboi Carti is accused of choking his pregnant girlfriend, which results in his arrest.
On December 20, the rapper, 26, is said to have grabbed the unnamed woman, who he has been dating for more than two years, by the throat and held onto her neck until she gasped for air.

On suspicion of felony aggravated assault, Georgia authorities apprehended the rapper, whose real name is Jordan Carter.
The woman claimed to be 14 weeks pregnant at the time and said that she feared for her life, according to the arrest affidavit paperwork that the outlet was able to get.
The woman claims she ran to her car to phone 911 after a witness allegedly attempted to stop the alleged violent altercation. The lady said in her statement that Carti attempted to get her out of the vehicle and covered her mouth with his hand.
Police said that when they came, she was bleeding from her back, chest, and neck.
According to the rapper’s lawyer, the woman’s accusations are unfounded, and he is certain that the case will be dismissed.
Brian Steel, as reported by TMZ, said that Mr. Carter had been falsely accused.
I have notified the district attorney’s office for Fulton County that I would be dropping this case without taking any further action or filing any legal action.
They are “not even marginally on good terms,” according to Iggy Azalea, another rapper who dated Carti, who made the statement last year.
In a series of since-deleted tweets, the “Fancy” hitmaker denied claims that he “cares” about her and their 3-year-old son Onyx Kelly in an interview, claiming that they had no “direct contact.”
The Australian, 32, said in an April letter, “Take care of me?” Let’s hold off before getting too carried away, lol. As I laughed. A lot.”
“I tricked you. A man who promises to cover my bills but with whom I have no connection at all is not someone I f*** with. My debts are paid. Second, he talks to me so awkwardly in person that I had to break off any direct connection, despite the fact that being courteous in an interview sounds fantastic.
However, he also made it clear that his claims were “not indicative” of reality. The singer of “Black Widow” said that his fans had asked for her to be “silent” throughout the interview.
Iggy stated: “His staff has been calling me about the interview and they’re hoping I won’t say anything because they know how I’ll reply. I really like hearing that I’m a great mother, but if he’s actually saying something else, I’d much rather not be acknowledged.
Carti, who divorcéed Iggy in late 2020, then commented on his “obligations” as a “father” in her reply.
I’m a father,” he informed the newspaper. You get what I’m saying, right? You understand what it’s like to have kids. My commitments were recently delivered. Several bills are paid. Many people are under my care. My mum is cared after by me. My family and I are supported. My baby mother and I are both under my care. I take after a large number of people. So I suppose I’d better go on.

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