After a player refers to the offer as "A JOKE," Biden's press assistant explains that it is only for LSU.

After a player refers to the offer as “A JOKE,” Biden’s press assistant explains that it is only for LSU.

After Tigers standout Angel Reese referred to the possibility of the White House inviting both the LSU and Iowa women’s basketball teams as “A JOKE” on Monday, first lady Jill Biden appeared to take back the proposal.
In his remarks on Monday, Biden praised both teams for their efforts in Sunday’s national title game and singled out Iowa’s civility.

Biden mentioned attending the NCAA women’s basketball title last night while addressing at a gathering in Denver at the Colorado State Capitol.
Therefore, I am confident that the winners will attend the White House, as we always do. So, while we expect LSU will attend, I’ll let Joe [Biden] know that I believe Iowa should as well because they played such a strong game.
The White House invitation is customarily extended to the national winners but not to the losers. Reese posted a link to the article with Biden’s remarks, labelling it “A JOKE” and including three laughing-on-the-floor emoticons.
The newly anointed NCAA winner left the remark “WE NOT COMING. period” on an Instagram photo from “The Shade Room” that featured Reese’s tweet.
Vanessa Valdivia, the first lady’s press assistant, attempted to explain Biden’s remarks in a statement on Tuesday, stating that they “were meant to praise the momentous event and all women competitors. She can’t wait to celebrate the LSU Tigers’ title victory at the White House.
Reese, 20, was essential to the Tigers’ 102-85 triumph over the Hawkeyes on Sunday, when they won the first national championship in the annals of the programme. Her outstanding efforts earned her the title of Most Outstanding Player for the women’s NCAA championship.
Prior to Valdivia’s explanation, Reese’s opinion had been mirrored by ESPN presenter Stephen A. Smith, who responded to her tweet with: “I mean absolutely zero disrespect to the First Lady, but you are 1000% correct. “That is a terrible idea. Winners do not receive a White House invitation. Why are we attempting to alter it right now? You’re absolutely right, Angel.
Rep. Troy Carter, a Democrat from Louisiana, added his support for Reese’s position.
Carter addressed the president and first lady as “The Most Honorable” With no offence meant to Iowa’s outstanding players, LSU’s women’s basketball team did not win the 2023 NCAA Championship and should be allowed to celebrate this momentous victory alone.
Alexis Morris, a colleague of Reese’s, enquired as to whether or not they could party elsewhere, particularly at the home of a past first lady. Can the LSU National Champions come to your home to enjoy their victory, Michelle Obama? “THAT’S THE TWEET,” Reese wrote in response to Morris’ post.
Kim Mulkey, the head coach of LSU, declared after the team’s win on Sunday that she would travel to the White House if requested.
“I’m too ghetto,”
ESPN reported that a record-breaking 9.9 million people tuned in on average to watch the national final on Sunday. The contest had the highest peak viewership of any NCAA Division I women’s collegiate basketball game ever across all networks (12.6 million people).
After LSU’s triumph, Reese gained attention, particularly when she criticised the double standard in the response to her move towards Iowa player Caitlin Clark.
Earlier in the competition, Clark made a comparable motion towards another competitor. Some criticised Reese, while others justified her actions by pointing out that there was no backlash following Clark’s move early in the competition.
Reese brought up the different response she got to her move in the news briefing following the win as opposed to the one Clark did.
“All year long, I received criticism for who I was. Reese declared, “I don’t suit the story. I don’t belong in the category that you guys want me to be in. I’m too naughty. Too poor for me. All year long, you all told me that. However, you guys say nothing when other individuals do it.Therefore, this is for women who resemble me. For those who want to stand up for what they think is right. You are present without apology. And tonight, I did it for that reason. This evening, it was larger than I. Every time, Twitter will explode in fury.

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