According to Kendrick Perkins on "First Take," Ja Morant should play next for the Heat.

According to Kendrick Perkins on “First Take,” Ja Morant should play next for the Heat.

For Grizzlies point guard Ja Morant, Kendrick Perkins has an idea for a new squad.
A trip to South Beach, according to the ESPN presenter, would benefit Morant.

On Thursday’s “First Take” episode, Perkins stated, “I think Miami is the best fit for him when I look at the culture and I look at what he could go and do for that organisation and what the organisation could do for him.”
Less than three months after brandishing a pistol in a different live broadcast in March, Morant has been banned by the organisation from all team activities after appearing to possess a gun on May 13.
Morant received an eight-game suspension from the NBA for the first incident.
Although he spoke about the probe on “The Dan Patrick Show” last week, Commissioner Adam Silver has not yet revealed the league’s response to the May live feed.
In fact, if you’re live broadcasting something to the world that perfectly resembles a gun and doing it in a careless way, does it matter whether or not it’s a real gun? That is something I’ve been considering a lot. I won’t get into details of the investigation, however. stated Silver.
Perkins said that Morant’s difficulties off the court may be helped by the All-Star by moving on from Memphis via a trade.
The Heat’s ethos and organisational structure, according to Perkins, will be advantageous to Morant.
Perkins added, “It’s an established culture, he’ll be well-protected, and he may learn. He should probably leave Memphis, in my opinion.
The Heat’s Pat Riley and the team’s veterans, according to Perkins, might aid Morant in maintaining his composure.

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