Aaron Rodgers discusses his future as trade rumours heat up

Aaron Rodgers discusses his future as trade rumours heat up
Aaron Rodgers discusses his future as trade rumours heat up

Aaron Rodgers could be able to get some relief after initiating discussions with the New York Jets, according to reports.
One of the most talked-about issues in the NFL offseason so far has been the quarterback’s future, and with the start of free agency soon, Rodgers’ next move may already be predetermined.

The 39-year-old was questioned about his future and if it included moving away from the Green Bay Packers while he was speaking to former Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall on the “I AM ATHLETE” podcast.
“Keep tuned,” Rodgers said. Not too lengthy, in my opinion. All of this is subject to a time constraint.
Inquiries on the veteran’s meeting with Jets owner Woody Johnson followed his authorization by the Packers to address the New York club.
“It’s always fascinating meeting significant personalities in sport, sure it’s always exciting,” Rodgers said while keeping his cards close to his breast. I just have that to offer you.
In an effort to get clarity about his future transfer, the legendary Packers player recently spent time at a retreat in the dark.
The four-time MVP said during his time at the retreat, “I have all the answers within me. I’m grateful for the time that passed since “I touched many of them, and undoubtedly the sentiments, on both sides.” The choice has a certain finality. I take this decision seriously. Nobody should have to put up with me. About this, I’m responding to inquiries since I get them. As essential as it is to me, I’m talking about it.
Rodgers spent 18 seasons with the Packers before deciding to leave, which would mark the end of his stint in Wisconsin.
Rodgers has achieved enormous personal success while playing for Green Bay, even if the club often fell short of expectations. He has also won the Super Bowl once during this period. In terms of throwing touchdowns and yards, he is the second-best player in team history.
The Packers’ president and CEO, Mark Murphy, isn’t excluding anything even if rumours claim that Aaron Rodgers may be leaving the team.
He’s a fantastic player, of course. four times MVP. The NFL website quotes Murphy as saying, “But I believe it’s trying to discover what he wants and what we want, and maybe we can find a win-win solution.

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