A The Voice competitor joins Niall Horan's squad as a result of a Harry Styles song.

A The Voice competitor joins Niall Horan’s squad as a result of a Harry Styles song.

During a competition to win candidate Laura Littleton for Team Kelly on the third night of The Voice season 23 Blind Auditions, the seasoned coach made a rookie error. Kelly notices Laura’s southern accent and the bluegrass touch she gives Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times” as Laura, who is from Dickson, Tennessee, starts performing it. Kelly assumes Laura must be a country musician and uses her one “block” on Blake Shelton just before he turns his chair. Until Niall Horan follows Blake and she sees the link between her competition and the music Laura selected, she believes she has things under control. Kelly instantly acknowledges that she “should’ve banned Niall” when Blake notes that Laura is a “country girl” but not really a “country artist.”

Kelly lavishes praise on Laura, comparing her voice to a combination of “Dolly Parton and Florence and the Machine.” She continued by saying that although she would love to collaborate with Niall, she is aware of his “relationship with the original vocalist” of course (Horan and Styles made up two-fifths of One Direction). Niall utters a faint but enthusiastic “I know him!” while mostly remaining silent and watching everything unfold. Kelly, who has accepted her defeat, declares, “I’m not even going to fight it.”

Not simply because he is friends with Harry, but also because it was the ideal song for her as a musician, Niall praises Laura for her “amazing” song selection. When “Sign of the Times” was released, it wasn’t “like, an obvious pop song,” as Niall noted, and that’s precisely how he views Laura as an artist.

He informs her, “That’s what you shout. Kelly turns to the camera and murmurs, “I should have blocked Niall,” in the midst of Niall’s pitch. She’s aware. We’re all aware. It thus comes as no surprise when Laura chooses to join Team Niall, despite the dramatic delay. Kelly complains that she “wasted [her] block” while Niall rejoices at having the pop singer with the distinctive vibrato and the capacity to “take on any sort of song” to his squad. She finishes with a sweet “you’re welcome, Niall,” as he refers to season 23 as “rookie season.”

Niall asserts, “Chance or I are going to win this. That’s some serious inexperienced confidence right there, but who knows with 1D’s influence behind him. He might be correct.

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