Cardi B

A surprise appearance by Cardi B at Bad Bunny LA Show

In Los Angeles, Bad Bunny gave a performance as a part of his “World’s Hottest Tour” at the SoFi stadium. Fans were thrilled to see Bunny play some of his hits, but Bunny continued to throw surprises throughout the performance. One of the biggest surprises was Cardi B, who showed out and sang two of her own songs.

When Cardi came on stage, Bunny welcomed her and thanked her for being a part of the tour’s final performance. He also credited Cardi with having a significant impact on Latin music in general as well as his own career.

The two then gave their duet “I Like It,” from Cardi’s debut album Invasion Of Privacy, a live performance.

Then Cardi sang “Bodak Yellow,” her breakout smash.

Cardi discussed Bunny’s star power and musical variety with Harper’s Bazaar back in August.

“Such a big artist like him can switch between trap, salsa, merengue, and any other beat and genre he wants to do…

There are so many different types of music, yet motherf*cking Bad Bunny is the most popular musician on Spotify.

Cardi noted the concert’s enormous turnout on Twitter after it had concluded.

She remarked, “I was just at this stadium for the Super Bowl not long ago.

The Bad Bunny performance today has more attendees than the Super Bowl! … Literally an artist’s goal, please!

Cardi and Bunny partied together after the performance to mark the end of the tour. She thanked Bunny on Twitter today for his kindness toward her, her family, and his followers.

She said, “Bad rabbit sooo cool and humble…

He made sure everyone at his party was having a wonderful time by taking pictures and recording movies with my cousins.

I’m only stating it since I don’t see many artists doing it. He is fortunate, but I understand why.

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