7.6 Magnitude earthquake hits Mexico, Tsunami warning was issued.

7.6 Magnitude Earthquake hits Mexico, Tsunami warnings were issued

A massive earthquake hits Mexico with a magnitude of 7.6, it struck 56 miles from Tecoman, Colima, Mexico. The earthquake hit at around 1 PM (16:00) GMT on Monday and was in the border area between Michoacan and Colima at a depth of around 9 miles.

They are calling it the cursed anniversary of two previous earthquakes that struck in 1985 and 2017.  One person has been reported to have died because of the earthquake and the quake is causing major panic in the country’s capital and areas surrounding the quake.

Mexico conducts earthquake drills frequently; early warnings of the quake rang less than an hour before the earthquake.

Residents along with their pets were seen standing on the streets and all the streetlights stopped working and there was a major panic among the tourists.
Pictures near the epicenter of the quake have shown shingles thrown off roofs and cracks in walls and ceilings of buildings and homes.

A tsunami warning was issued initially after the earthquake and had people concerned, but since then the threat has been revised.

Photo Credits: https://hinduwire.com/